Sunday, July 12, 2009

The real Dirty Pool

"I'm turnin the tables on you.
You've been playin dirty pool.
You said you'd call the shots darlin,
all your friends thought that was cool cool baby.
Yeah when you shot at the eight-ball baby,
I knew you were playin' dirty pool."

- Stevie Ray Vaughan

The irony surrounding this whole situation,
is actually, quite uncanny.
Neil Young could've summed it up well, too.
But, he didn't sing about pool,
and that just wouldn't do.
I'm all for irony.
my arm already reads like a Leonard Cohen lyric book.

Sick, and tired.
I can deal with hazy vision and word salad,
but I hate coughing my lungs out every minute.
And thanks to this, a planned visit to the beautiful Somerset West was scrapped.
Now feel my pain, seriously.

Although, with reference to the above, I have a feeling I'm being played for a fool.
Now, sigh with me.


© Luke Daniel

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