Monday, July 13, 2009

Vicks VapoRub... saves lives/lungs.

Never has so much good come from a small tin.

Jim Croce came to me last night, in a dream (ironically enough).
He speaks the truth... this I can't deny.
But, more often than not, the truth really does hurt.

Cough mixture (alcohol free, of course),
Vicks VapoRub,
Advil CS,
Now we're talking.

Antibiotics are the devil,
and I prefer to stay far away from devils.

To work while feeling this terrible is honestly hell.
Add a spoon of exhaustion, and you've got a wonderful Monday,
and, dare I say, week.

But that all means nothing, because honestly,
there was/is a Carlos...
And I thought the old man was just being nice.
How awesome.

"Well, it started out just like a dream,
And like a dream,
I knew that what we had,
Would have to end.
I was lookin' for a lifetime lover,
And you were lookin' for a friend.
Someone to be there after all your nighttime lovers
Had gone the way they came.
Someone who knew the way
To help you play your daytime game.
It's not the same."

- Jim Croce


(above) Revenge By Dawn at Wynberg Sports Club (11 July 2009)

© Luke Daniel

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