Sunday, July 5, 2009

To think...

Well, I'm thinking,
It's about time I get some paraffin,
and begin burning some bridges.
Matches? Yeah, I've got those.

It's all about faith though, seriously.
Hope, and all that.
What may be, what wont be.
Most importantly though, what should be.
And who knows about the latter, at this moment in time.
Some wait for the retirement-village interview,
that's not the way it works in my town.

It's Sunday.
I thought I'd be dancing. (<-sarcasm)
I've had three hours of sleep.
Spending an evening in Grandwest is not healthy,
in terms of mental stability.
Not for me anyway.
No gambling though.
(I remember how the roulette table beat me with a pole,
and stole my wallet... Sun City. God.)
Just, a LOT of haze.
Dream, yeah, maybe.
Something like that.
The house always wins (eventually).


© Luke Daniel

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