Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did my time.

Terrible day, was terrible.
Running away actually helped,
say what you will.

I hate having to rely on equipment.
Inevitably, you will be let down,
ol’ man Murphy will rear his ugly head.

Enough of electronics and escapes.
Although, the latter really does put one’s heart to good use.
Unfortunately, I can’t advocate it.

I can, however, sit outside,
and watch the clouds come rolling in.
Try to quiet the mind…
well, rather keep things in perspective.
Categories of importance need to be clarified.
not so big.

Life, now there’s a thing.

"Sometimes I can never tell if I got something after me.
That's why I just beg and plead for this curse to leave me.
Tell me, why am I to blame?
Aren't we supposed to be the same?
That's why I will never tame this thing thats burning in me."

- Korn


© Luke Daniel

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