Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ya know...

...we could talk about dirty streets and night time splendor,
I guess understanding will be a problem.

Understanding and comprehending.

I’d like to have a relationship with you,
over there,
in the big shiny car,
and you,
with your torn jeans and broken shoes.

I’m sure that’d make me cry, and smile.
I’d probably climb out of leather seats, bearing torn jeans.
Or, something like that.

Let’s talk about daily strain, and evening unrest.
It’s best that I see you this way.
I think it’ll do us both good, to live and to die, and to think about life and death.
The kind that occurs daily, of course.

Lust and misfortune, sun stroke and debt.
This life is for the living.

(Yes Sir! Mister Machine
Zula Bar, Cape Town, 5 November 2009)

© Luke Daniel

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