Sunday, June 7, 2009

On a Sunday

Sundays are almost always synonymous with reminiscence.
Today is a prime example,
A cloud of nostalgia hangs heavy.
Every step I take now,
I know have taken before...
just, well, under different circumstances.

It's not that good, you know - these thoughts strolling through the past.
Not healthy.
Not now anyway,
not those times.

In saying this, the word futility immediately springs to mind,
or maybe it springs to heart.
Heartattack, heartbreak material.

"Can you tell me what stopped the rain? Where is salvation?
Science? Savior? Tragedy?

Can you tell me what stops the pain?
Self medication? Science? Savior? Tragedy?

How deep must we cut to reach sensation?
Find it. Bring it back to me where the void remains."

- Blaqk Audio (Bitter for Sweet)


© Luke Daniel

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