Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The box labeled, 'All lies'.

Yeah, you better believe it burnt last night.
Ashes to ashes, ya know,
that kind of thing.

Lots of paper, and a fluffy toy.
Now, smoke signals.

But, the sun is up.
Rolling along.
Perspective, see.

Today is quiet.
(In terms of work)
Sunny here in the Mother City.

Busy weekend... no, wait,
busy few months ahead.
Probably heading up to Jo'burg later next month.
I'll be leaving the mother for a while,
it needed to happen.
Tattoos and cold coffee, hmmm.
I was going to quote Jim Croce,
but then this happened...

"Now that you've found your wings (you want to fly).
Now that I've done those things (you've said goodbye).
It would be ample if only you'd trample,
What you could not choke in life.
I could be anyone.
I could be anything, except for you,
Except for you.
Anything, except for you.
No, it had to be a lie, it didn't rain twice.
The clouds over my head, but I'm not dead yet.
I could be anyone.
I could be anything, except for you."

- Coal Chamber

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