Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Between Breaths

Been scarce,
I know... man, do I.

All I've got is my Red Bull,
Blaqk Audio.
It's getting me through.
Past gates,
past security,
(far) past bed time.

Having just wrapped up some projects for clients,
I can (hopefully) concentrate on a few of my personal endeavors.
Wait a minute...
Let's not overshoot the runway.

For every box that gets ticked,
another empty one appears.
It's one 'battle' I don't really mind losing.

Cities in the night.
Blue and silver is needed now more than ever.
Let's not even talk about ink...
I'm having withdrawals.

'till we meet again,

It's just a matter of taste.
I wish we were not misplaced.
You only quote these lines,
But I'll be fine.
I'll only recite mine
Until I'm gone with out a trace.
It's just a matter of time.

Strip for me as I have stripped for you.
We've got nothing to hide and we've got less to lose.
Strip for me as I have sripped for you.
I've got nothing to hide and less to lose."

- Blaqk Audio

© Luke Daniel

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