Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Under The Red Sky

Shooting all day, with my own kind of gun.
(The one which creates.)
Now, it's up to coffee to help me function.

There really aren't enough hours in a day.

I always find myself looking for something.
Something unique.
Something which will bring me some sort of satisfaction.
Right now there are a few things hiding away from me.
Namely, a(nother) neon light... and loud firecrackers.

Noisy neighbours, who play the most irritating and repetitive music, from dusk till dawn... I need to lob some firecrackers over there. I just need to. A Thunderflash, the ones they use in the military... need to get me some of those.
The neon light... well, it just feels so good. The glow is enchanting.

Tattoo session on Friday.
Death Before Dishonor.
(Yes, it's the American spelling... roll with it.)


"This is the key to the kingdom
And this is the town
This is the blind horse
That leads you around.

Let the bird sing
Let the bird fly
One day the man in the moon went home,
and the river went dry."

- Bob Dylan

© Luke Daniel

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