Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Spur Effect...

South Africans stand the best chance of understanding what I'm about to say.
What is it about Spur?
Wherever you go, if you sit down at Spur, you feel 'at home'.
Whatever you are going through -

sitting down on those fake leather couches,
the wooden tables,
the brown plastic place mats.
The food? Well, that's not the point.
All of the above, provide some kind of recognisable, yet, seemingly unexplainable comfort.

I don't know - maybe it's just me.
Does anybody else feel the same way?

I mean, it may just be me that experiences this crazy comfort.
After all, I've just spent a few minutes of my life writing about the Spur.
Great, just great.

"And now I'm lost at sea
I'm drowning in what I won't be
I'm haunted by the sound
(Sweet sound of my last breath)

Twenty days at sea
My skin is blistered from the heat
I can beg and I can plead
But what I get is never what I need

This is the part where I'll admit
I'm getting what I deserve"

- Senses Fail


© Luke Daniel

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