Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Heart and the Shape

There was a time when the wall didn't exist.
But life goes on, and on.
I'll answer any question, if it's asked nicely.
I'll take anybodies hand, as long as they truly understand.
In fact, thinking about it now... The wall is very penetrable.
Inviting almost.

Still, the disconnect is truly eye-opening.
Ironic as that is.
... and to connect with the disconnected?

"I can remember a place I used to go,
Chrysanthemums of white, they seemed so beautiful.
I can remember, I searched for the amaranth,
I'd shut my eyes... to see

Oh, how I smiled then, so near the cherished ones,
I knew they would appear... saw not a single one.
Oh, how I smiled then, waiting so patiently,
I'd make a wish... and bleed"



© Luke Daniel

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