Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buried to my neck in sand

"I’m keeping an eye on the future,
an eye on the past,
& the present in my pocket,
just in case I need a door…
into a brave new world,
where all solutions end up with my head
buried to my neck in sand."

- Incubus

The day I took this photo; it must have been close to 40degrees Celsius outside - not a single cloud in the sky. No shade for miles.
I was attacked by a horde of insects.
Managed to get a good amount of dust into my camera.
ended up with the worst shirt tan I have ever seen.
No, really. It stayed for a couple of weeks.

But, all this aside, it was a pleasant little trip up the West Coast.
They should plant some trees though...
For what it's worth.


© Luke Daniel

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