Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Six blade knife

"Everybody got a knife it can be just what they want it to be.
A needle, a wife, or something that you just cant see.
You know it keeps you strong.
Yes and it'll do me wrong.
Your six blade knife - do anything for you."

- Dire Straits

Quite sunny today. Windy, but sunny.

I'm up the West Coast, soaking up some rays,
and watching the waves.

Ye, you're probably right.
But, there is a reason for this relaxation.
When I get back to Town, I won't be getting much sleep.
Actually, I won't be getting much of anything,
other than headaches and speeding fines.

Then it carries on,
and on.
Until... well, who knows?

Just before I sigh, I realise that this business of 'relaxing'
(in terms of just sitting around, doing, well, nothing)
is really not doing me any good.
Never has. Allows me to think too much,
and that's a different story, for a different fire.


© Luke Daniel

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