Sunday, January 24, 2010

All the best Cowboys have Daddy issues...

"I'm betting dreams upon my paper wings,
because flying isn't just for kings.
I take the stairs to the very top floor -
I paid the super to leave open the door.
A perfect sunset is sinking in the sky."

- Senses Fail

On a lighter note,
Southern Ink Xposure, tattoo convention, was great.
Inspiring, on another level.

So while I still wield my camera in one hand,
I'll practice my sketching, and hopefully start apprenticing under a tattoo artist in a year or so.
Life has it's twists and turns.
Nothing is certain, but Death and Tattoos.

It is a busy year.
Understatement, that... with countless shows and events to photograph.
Add in moving house, to that list.
Still, I'd like to get away for a bit.
Not overseas (although that would be amazing - let's be realistic),
just locally... up the West Coast.
Camping, or car-ing.

And, fuuuu-, people getting chomped over at my favourite swimming spot.God damn.
Fish Hoek, I love you.
Please love me back.
Every other beach in Cape Town is, well, shit.
With cold water, and cold water.
And gross sand.
But, cold water.

Now for a Nurse tattoo,
and a chest-piece.
Yes please.


Luke Daniel ©

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