Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't need a gun...

... even though that is Wynberg.
Actually, I just wanted to quote Billy Idol.
Motorbikes and rocks.
The latter,
taking on a rather different meaning around these parts.

The photograph is drenched in irony.
The streets are raw.
Please believe, they'll eat you up alive.
Rather stay on clean tiled floors,
and velvet sheets.
Unless of course,
you want to live.
I mean,

"A human heart goes out tonight.
Yes a red hot love, on a red stop light.
I see a scene so cold, it echoes in blue.
Oh those twisting tongues, they are after you.
Of what a story dreams to buy.
Don't need a knife, to violate my life.
It's all so insane.
Yes and me,
I'm movin', movin', movin', movin' on.
Yeah to be someone.
I don't need a gun."

- Billy Idol


© Luke Daniel

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