Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Went downstairs...

... past the barber and gymnasium,
and got our arms tattooed."

- The Who (Tattoo)

Man, that song kicked it all off for me,
a couple of years ago.
Now, a monthly visit to the tattoo parlor,
is just natural.
It's inevitable, an ongoing process.
Routine, fixation, obsession...
Akin to breathing, or walking.
I'm sure you get the point.

Now, I've got to mention a few awesome people.
('Got to' is the wrong phrase - 'want to', is more appropriate.)
Legends, through and through.

Tattoo done by Clinton, at Primal Culture Tattoo Studio.
Wynberg, Cape Town: 021 811 8282
Grassy Park, Cape Town: 021 706 0930

Patrick Rutter, a great friend, and body piercer.
(Who also took photos of me, while I was being loved by a needle.)

If you're in Cape Town, and want to get pierced / tattooed,
now you know.
See, I'm your friendly neighbour.
What? Sugar, you say...


(Above photograph, taken by Patrick Rutter)

© Luke Daniel


  1. Aaah, fresh ink. Always fun.
    Nice photo, Patrick's got a good eye, hey... What a legend.

    Damn you. I need more ink. Now.

  2. Ink is always needed, right?
    I've come to terms with it.
    Now, this fucker just needs to heal.
    oww. :/