Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lovers Fighters Sinners Saints

"When I crept into this world, with naked eyes, only to find
That there's no turning back.
Let's get something straight, there's nothing wrong.
Just hold on.
The pain has stopped, the sun's come up.
Just hold on."

- Odd Project

Odd Project has led to the rediscovery of screaming.
Loud, sharp... piercing.
With more emotion than ever before.
With more figures of speech,
and more street realizations.
More word salad, naturally.

On a 'serious' note though,
darkroom chemicals hate me.
Fortunately, the feeling is completely mutual.
In fact, developing film in general causes a numbness of perception,
resulting in frustration and a shameful use of profanities.
A sailors mouth, to match my sailor arms. Ya'hear.
Horrid mood, cause #1: Time in the darkroom.

Now, you needn't even ask.


© Luke Daniel

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