Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work Is Never Over

Yeah, alright, quoting Daft Punk,
(more to come further down the line).

Never ever sleep with your head off the bed.
Your neck will die,
and apart from looking like a shocked stick figure,
you will be in pain, all day.

Are you seeing this shit?
The small amount of sleep I can get in,
and it leaves me smelling like Deep Heat.
Fantastic, man.

Besides that,
airport mornings are beautiful,
and no,
you cannot swim through clouds.
You'll just get wet, trust me,
I'm a professional.

Piano interludes accompanying logfires,
of course.
I'm still deciding between wooden floors,
or carpet.
One scars, the latter holds memories.
I'll throw the dice on the this one.

"Work It Harder, Make It Better.
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger.
More Than Ever, Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over."

- Daft Punk

(Needless to say, hmmm, 'coffee'.)


© Luke Daniel

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