Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Holidays are great.
Holidays are not holidays, at all.
Damn you, internet poker.

It's good to breathe again.
The air is still crisp,
which is always good.
Best to head out after sunset,
or before sunrise.
That's holiday talk, alright.

Let me just say, that Fisherman's Friend actually saves lives.
After and before vocal tracking,
oxygen seems sacred again.
I'm sure it sells really well in Mexico City.

Jesus' Son last night... for the eighth time.
I'll forever see streetlights differently,
trains too...


“The travelling salesman had fed me pills that made the linings of my veins feel scraped out.
My jaw ached.

I knew every raindrop by its name
I sensed everything before it happened.
I knew a certain Oldsmobile would stop for me,
even before it slowed,
and by the sweet voices of the family inside it,
I knew we’d have an accident in the storm.
I didnt care.
They said they’d take me all the way.”

- Jesus' Son

© Luke Daniel

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